About Us

カワラ・プリントメイキング・ラボラトリー [ Kawara Printmaking Laboratory] は、多くの主要な現代美術家、出版社、ギャラリーと協力して、ファインアートの版画を制作・出版する工房です。




Kawara Printmaking Laboratory is a fine art print and publishing studio that works with many leading contemporary artists, publishers and galleries. The studio, based in Machida, Tokyo, was opened in 2010. We work both by commission from galleries and publishers as well as publishing under our own name.

The studio has facilities for etching, lithography, screen print and relief printing, producing work as limited edition and unique prints, artists books and portfolio collections. Using hand drawn, photographic and digital material, artists can explore their work within all that etching, lithography, screen print and relief printing can offer.

Kawara Printmaking Laboratory works with many leading Japan and International artists by commission from galleries and publishers as well as directly from the artist.

Our publishing programme invites artists to work with us on specific projects and is an important and expanding part of the studios practice.